Supreme Court implies spying on U.S. citizens okay for Bush White House

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Republicans finally have the Supreme Court they’ve been hoping for.  Today the Supreme Court refused to hear arguments regarding President Bush’s illegal domestic spying program.  CNN has the details.  Republicans who believed they were voting to get government off their backs, who believed in smaller government, should abandon the party because it’s obvious the Republicans have abandoned that position.

Libertarians who are used to voting Republican should certainly not cast a vote for them any longer as libertarian positions are no longer respected in the GOP.  As a matter of fact both groups should consider voting for Democrats this year because the Democrats will work to both protect civil liberties and to hunt down terrorists and we need to do both in this country.

Spying, it’s not just for hackers anymore.

One thought on “Supreme Court implies spying on U.S. citizens okay for Bush White House

    Rich Paul said:
    February 19, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    The Democrats, like the Republicans, have a problem with big, intrusive, government only when they are not the ones holding the whips. As soon as the whips are returned to them, and I am convinced they will be after this election, we will merely be adjusting directions. Instead of the Dubya’s Fascist Police State, we’ll be rerouting ourselves to somebody’s Socialist Police State. Soon that will mean Socialized Medicine, complete with rationing and government control of every aspect of your life which is in any way related to health (and what isn’t?), Economy Crushing government interference, soon to be followed by extreme unemployment rates, and victim disarmerment, AKA “gun control” programs, to make sure that we will never be able to revolt against our new masters.

    The Repubs and Dems are jockying for the same position: that of being the party in control when the American people are so terrified and weak that they will submit allow that control to become complete and permenant, so that their gang can become the dictators.

    I’ll be voting Libertarian, thank you.

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