Obama and the bigotry of the right

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Rush Limbaugh in the first hour of his show today said, “if there is any hate-mongering today it is spawned on the left.”  Once hearing this I instantly thought of all the hate that has been coming from the right as of late.  First and foremost is the McCain campaign itself. The campaign hires Bill Cunningham, a conservative radio talk show host with a habit of referring to Senator Obama as “Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama” and then acts surprised when that same person emphasized Barack’s middle name over and over again.

Now lets not be naive.  They say that’s his name and it is; however, they don’t use John McCain’s middle name or Hillary Clinton’s middle name.  They are using Obama’s middle name to tag him as a Muslim, terrorist sympathizer, etc.  They’re hoping there are enough Americans with bigotry or fear in their hearts who will be swayed by these attacks that the majority of the American voters won’t vote for Obama thanks to their efforts.  It’s disgraceful.  Republicans have been so entertained by this type of bigotry attack politics that Republican radio talk shows are running bigoted contests.  Take a look at Mike Gallagher’s website. There’s a picture of Obama in Somali tribal clothing, and Mike Gallagher is asking his radio audience to come up with a caption for the picture of Barack Hussein Obama.  Unbelievable.  The picture below is what is on Mike Gallagher’s website today.  Click the picture to enlarge.

Mike Gallagher’s Disgrace

The Atlantic documents how the Tennessee Republican Party recently called Obama “Barack Hussein Obama” in a recent press release.  The press release has since been edited to remove Obama’s middle name.  This is, however, not the KKK or another hate group launching these attacks.  This is the REPUBLICAN PARTY using bigotry attack politics.  While Senator McCain did apologize, and the RNC did ask the Tennessee Republican Party to discontinue using Obama’s middle name, quite frankly we’re truly seeing the bigotry that exists on the right.

Media Matters is a group that monitors this type of activity in the media, and if you do a search for these attacks on their website, you’ll be shocked at how common an occurrence this is.  664 entries come up under this search.  664….No doubt that number will grow into the thousands by November.

I want to mention one other reference to this bigotry, and it’s personal.  My wife and I went out to dinner last night.  We took my car.  When we came home, we walked by my wife’s car, which proudly displays an Obama sticker.  It was dark, but we could see a word was written on the sticker.  We looked closer and closer, trying to read the word in the dark.  Did it say Muslim?  Terrorist?  Liberal?  We couldn’t tell.  Finally we saw what it said.  Nigger.

2 thoughts on “Obama and the bigotry of the right

    Hopeful Patriot said:
    February 29, 2008 at 1:20 am

    Welcome to our world. But it’s getting better every day baby!–Americans are ready for the country we all know is possible–and God help those who get in our way. I think all of us deep down inside know that McCain is elected they are going to have a lot more than a peaceful movement on hand–we will have a revolution.

    HopeMonger said:
    February 28, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    Perhaps they are worried about us getting him confused with all the other Barack Obama’s we know?

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