McCain takes weekend break due to exhaustion?

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CNN mentioned today that John McCain is taking the weekend off.  Very odd for a presidential candidate.  Especially for one that has important contests this coming Tuesday. The Kentucky Post reports, “Analysts say Ohio will be a critical proving ground for Senator John McCain this Tuesday.”  It goes on to say, “Many families in the Tri-State have either sent loved ones to Iraq, or worse, lost those serving in the war.”  So why isn’t John McCain in Ohio campaigning this weekend?

As a strong supporter of the war he owes it to the families who are most impacted by the war to be amongst them and answer their questions.  So why is he taking a break this weekend in Arizona, his home state?  Could it be due to age?  Is he unable to campaign at the pace his younger opponents are able to sustain?  If not, is he too old to be president?  I searched on Google and his website to find an explanation but all I found is confirmation he’ll be in Arizona this weekend.  John, are you too tired to continue campaigning this weekend?  As voters we have a right to know.

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One thought on “McCain takes weekend break due to exhaustion?

    Al Halpern said:
    March 1, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    John McCain is becoming a figure of ridicule before our eyes. As gaffe prone as Romney. This whole thing is a joke. A man who is ‘tongue-tied’ and can’t think on the spot. I wonder who that remind me of???

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