Warrants…we don’t need no stinking warrants!

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The Billboard Liberation Front strikes!  The ACLU has the story. It looks like “truth in advertising” but AT&T wouldn’t be that honest. President Bush is still pushing to grant immunity to the telecom companies that allowed the government to listen in on U.S. citizens calls in violation of the law.  He already ordered NSA to listen in on calls without court orders and the telecom companies allowed it despite the fact warantless wiretaps were unconstitutional. President Bush is pushing for immunity for the telecom companies.

The House may take up the FISA bill next week.  President Bush says we need to expand government powers to listen to private conversations of U.S. citizens in the hopes of gaining information on terrorist plots.  What the president doesn’t say is that we have the ability now to wiretap the phone calls of terrorists as long as they get a warrant.

UPDATE: The liberal ACLU, the conservative JBS, and the libertarian CATO all agree; the changes to FISA being voted on are bad for America.  Only those who hate America and hate the Constitution would support FISA the way President Bush is asking for it to be written.