John “Senator Hothead” McCain too unstable to be president

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John McCain has earned the nickname “Senator Hothead” due to his bad temper.  Now military leaders are claiming Senator McCain doesn’t have the temperament to be president. As if to prove them right, John McCain goes off on a reporter on Friday. Keith Olbermann discusses these stories.

Can you imagine Senator Hothead with his finger on the nuclear button?  Unless we want to be constantly at war we need to make sure that Senator “Hothead” McCain doesn’t make it to the White House.  Do you think John McCain has the temperament to be president?

Poll: Is McCain too angry to be president?


One thought on “John “Senator Hothead” McCain too unstable to be president

    senator-mccain-elections said:
    May 5, 2008 at 9:43 am

    Mccain wearing a Navy baseball cap?

    if the Navy could do it over…….. would the Navy take back Senator Mccain as a Navy pilot ?

    if they knew what they know now He didtrashed 5 Navy jets and was finally captured by the enemy.

    what this piss, now he’s out there now selling himself as a hero, and the media treats with as a war hero. He may deserve some sympathy for his POW days, but he was captured.

    but when your daddy and grand daddy an Admiral who’s gonna ground him? do you really want John Mccain in the presidential cockpit?

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