Eliot Spitzer

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I’m watching the news and flipping the channels looking for news on the presidential race.  Every station is discussing almost exclusively the story about NY Governor Eliot Spitzer.  They’re discussing his involvement with prostitutes, his girl Kirsten, his use of the Mayflower Hotel, his interest in unsafe sex, his phone conversation with Rachelle

(Temeka Rachelle Lewis), the hypocrisy of it due to his work shutting down prostitution rings, the charges that may be brought up such as the Mann Act, him being called Client 9, the Emperor’s Club, the ways he paid for the services to hide his involvement, the exorbitant cost of the prostitutes ($4300 and $5500 were mentioned), how an investigation into money laundering led to this sting, and how he was caught with a federal wiretap.  The real tradgedy, which I wasn’t hearing, is what his actions have done to his family.

Eliot Spitzer has three daughters and a wife.  They are an attractive family that looked happy together.  The emotional damage he’s done to his daughters and his wife is unfathomable.  The true victims here are his family and our prayers and good wishes should be with them as they try to heal the damage that’s been done.  My suggestion to the press, go after Eliot Spitzer but keep away from the family.  Respect their privacy and let them heal.  Here he is with his wife and one of his daughters during happier times.