Obama giving speech on race in Philadelphia tomorrow

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NY Times has the story.  I’m very much looking forward to this speech tomorrow and if it’s on YouTube I’ll put it here as soon as it’s available.  The article says:

Aides said Mr. Obama would talk about Mr. Wright, who recently retired from the United Church of Christ in Chicago, and about how race has played out in the campaign. Mr. Obama is trying not just to distance himself from the minister’s more provocative statements, but to keep his political opponents from defining him on their terms.

The flap has also raised questions about faith and patriotism. Mr. Obama – who has been criticized even for not wearing an American flag lapel pin – has rarely bid farewell to an audience on the campaign trail the way he did on Monday. “God bless you and God bless America!” he told the crowd in Monaca, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Obama may be able to ride out a subcontroversy over whether he was actually in the pew of his Chicago church when Mr. Wright made remarks like the “God damn America” comment during one sermon. Mr. Obama and his campaign have denied that he was there; news videos show him in Miami that day.

Unlike Reagan, who was the one who directed Iran/Contra – selling weapons to Iran and using that money to fund the Contras illegally, and Gingrich, who cheated on his wives before leaving them for his mistress’, and Nixon, who directed his people to break into his opponents offices to steal information, and Craig, who was an anti-gay Republican caught hitting on men in public restrooms, Obama didn’t do or say anything wrong.  Obama didn’t say, and has never said or written, the words Rev. Wright said in the video clips.  Obama can’t be held responsible for what another man does and says.

Also, have you noticed that the press isn’t playing video clips of the sermons he gave that aren’t controversial?  Rev. Wright is known to be a kind and caring man who’s church does great things in the Chicago area.  I’ve been a part of several houses of worship and none of them were as interested in social justice as I understand Rev. Wright’s church is known to be.  It would be nice if the press gave us the whole story rather than focusing on the bad but I guess that’s just the way the press works.

We’ll get to hear Obama’s side of the story tomorrow.  I can’t wait.

UPDATE: Al Sharpton was just on Fox News with Greta van Sustrand and he made a great point.   He made the correlation between Obama’s situation and a Catholic politician who is pro-gay rights and pro-choice but goes to a Catholic church which is anti-gay rights and pro-life.  I don’t think anyone would believe in this situation that the liberal Catholic was hiding his/her positions because of what church s/he attends.  I grew up Catholic and can verify that many Catholics attend church but strongly disagree with some of the Vatican’s very conservative stands.  Likewise, Obama can attend a church in which he disagrees with his pastor on some issues too.