McCain and his embrace of Jerry Falwell

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Everyone is focused on Obama and Rev. Wright.  People forget that John McCain, in 2006, in preperation for running for president reached out to Jerry Falwell and they became pals.  They supported each other.  Senator McCain spoke at Falwell’s Liberty University.  Yet this is what Jerry Falwell had to say about 9/11:

Falwell blamed 9/11 on Americans.  McCain embraced Jerry Falwell knowing these statements.  Why isn’t John McCain getting the scrutiny Obama is getting.  Does it have to do with race?

3 thoughts on “McCain and his embrace of Jerry Falwell

    beertap said:
    April 5, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    That’s a nice story J.K. My parents adopted me and my sister from an adoption agency as well. The problem is, what do you think Jerry Falwell’s response would have been to a gay or lesbian couple looking to adopt? Or a black couple looking to adopt a white child? Jerry Falwell did good things for people that he felt were acceptable to him. He was very hateful towards those that were unacceptable to him. KKK members help other white people when they need help too but that doesn’t make them good people. I’ll take Mother Theresa over Jerry Falwell.

    J. K. Jones said:
    April 5, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    Jerry Falwell is a controversial figure, and I have often wished God had put a “clutch” on his mouth that automatically engaged when he made public comments and forced him to think about the implications of what he was going to say. It would have led to fewer public apologies. Then two things happened that totally changed my attitude toward him, one small, and one big.

    I heard R. C. Sproul comment that he had once talked to a reporter about Falwell. Sproul said that he had never read or listened to Falwell very often, but he knew that Falwell was often making the media mad at him, so he said Falwell must have been doing something right.

    Then my wife and I tried to get pregnant. We went through infertility treatments for several years, and I cannot image a more de-humanizing set of medical treatments. We learned of the Liberty Godparent Home, a home for unwed mothers, and Family Life Services, the adoption agency that works closely with the home.

    Jerry Falwell raised the money to found both of these institutions after a reporter asked him a question. The reporter had asked Falwell where young women could go who needed help when they became pregnant and wanted to avoid abortion. Falwell replied, in typical, straightforward fashion, “I don’t know, but I will find out.”

    To make a long, glorious story short, we adopted an infant girl from the agency Falwell founded. There was a special placement service when our daughter was placed by the agency in our care. Falwell himself came to the service, shook my hand, hugged my wife, held our daughter, and prayed a beautiful prayer for our new family.

    It is very difficult to criticize a man like that. We are poorer for his absence.

    In addition, keep in mind what Falwell himself would want emphasized: we serve a God who can take the pain of infertility and the anguish of an unplanned pregnancy, wrap His big arms around them, and mold them into something very beautiful. He truly does “work all things together for good,” and He often does this through the ministries He empowers His followers to begin.


    opinions4u said:
    March 19, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    Ignorance is never an excuse no matter from whence it came.

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