Hugh Hewitt, thinking he’s found the next Obama scandal, makes a fool of himself

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Hugh Hewitt spent hours of air time today (he’s a right wing talk radio host) discussing Obama’s book on tape ‘Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.’  Apparently Senator Obama was the voice for the book on tape.  In the book there are conversations that Obama had in his past.  In those conversations bad words at times were said.

Since Obama was the voice on the tape that means that Obama said some bad words and Hugh pointed out that they were on tape.  Hugh Hewitt must have thought he was back in elementary school.

One caller called and told Hugh that it’s been documented that McCain has cursed in the Senate chambers at fellow Republicans when he’s gotten angry.  Hugh’s response was that McCain’s cursing wasn’t on tape so it wasn’t nearly as bad as Obama’s reading his book and putting the bad words that occured in real life by the characters on tape.  What???  McCain cursing out people in the Senate is not nearly as big a deal as Obama doing a book on tape that has him repeating the bad words of various characters?  I think Hugh forgot his medication today.

Another caller pointed out that Obama was reading from his book bad words that other people in Obama’s life said and not actually Obama himself.  This didn’t seem to matter to Hugh.  As Hugh again pointed out, it was Obama reading the bad words and that he did it on tape.  Oh boy….

So…Obama read his book for his book on tape and Obama’s preacher said some things people didn’t like.  So these are the big Obama scandals?  Hillary has Whitewater, TravelGate, PassportGate, TaxGate and BosniaGate.  McCain was a member of the infamous Keating 5, cheated on his first wife, and as we recently found out cheated on his second wife and gave his mistress, a lobbyist, political favors.  I think I’ll stick with Obama.

UPDATE 3-25-08: Guess what…Hugh’s show is on right now and he’s making a fool out of himself again!  He’s still going on about this.  I listened to Ingraham, Limbaugh, Hannity, Gallagher, Boortz, Levin, Beck, and Zoller today and while I was listening none of them spoke about this because of how silly this is…but Hewitt thinks this is going to do Obama in.  Hilarious!   😉

2 thoughts on “Hugh Hewitt, thinking he’s found the next Obama scandal, makes a fool of himself

    kip said:
    March 25, 2008 at 6:28 am

    Just the fact that these are the only kinds of arguments the right-wing can come up with kind of proves that Barack is a pretty decent guy.

    R.M. said:
    March 25, 2008 at 2:40 am

    This is so absurd, it’s beyond ridiculous. Now they are really digging at the bottom of the barrel to try and find some “dirt” on Obama, because basically, there is just nothing to say! He’s lead a decent life and been honest. That’s more that can be said for both Clintons and McCain. Lots more. Move forward, let’s make the one honest person, the one clear choice of candidates, our next POTUS. Obama 2008 please. Enough drama already!

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