Memo authorizing Americans to torture POWs released

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I’m so proud of our government and the Bush administration today <sarcasm>.  More evidence of our willingness to torture people and act like those we’ve fought against for decades.  ABC News has the story.  Once Republican’s believed as Reagan did; that we are a “shining city upon a hill” that leads the world by example.  Meanwhile Republicans spout their respect for Reagan while disrespecting his vision of America.  How can we be a shining city on a hill when in the “suburbs” we’re torturing people.  This is why we need change.  This is why, no matter who wins the Democratic Party nomination we must show up and vote for that person in November.  I believe Obama will be that person but if someone else is that person, whether it’s Hillary or the convention chooses someone else, we need to support that candidate.  The Republican experiment, one that I originally supported in the mid ’90s, must end.