3 thoughts on “Skinheads plot to kill Obama, ATF comes to the rescue

    Aoede said:
    October 28, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    Can someone transcribe this or link a transcription? The audio on my laptop is dead…

    Obama Is A Man Of Steel! « girl du jour said:
    October 28, 2008 at 12:35 pm

    […] 28, 2008 · No Comments Did you see Obama’s response to the skin heads’ averted attempt to kill him and […]

    girldujour said:
    October 28, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    I went to bed thinking that not only does Obama have a spine of steel, he’s got balls of steel and nerves of steel. He is a MAN of steel. I too think he will be a GREAT President.

    And people around the world might not spit on us when we travel anymore. (It happened to a friend of mine in Europe.)

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