Trump Bribes Electors! Concerned Electoral College Won’t Choose Him

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(FNN) – The NYT received emails from an anonymous source late yesterday. The emails were originally sent by a Trump staffer to each elector offering the entire Electoral College free trips to any of Trump’s properties around the world.

The only caveat was that to receive their trips they had to vote for him. A Trump insider said, “Don’s getting nervous. More and more Republican electors are stating they won’t vote for him. He’s even gone so far as to offer them teaching jobs at Trump University. Considering there aren’t any students it’s a cushy gig.”

Trump at one point tweeted that the Electoral College was a disaster. He’s since changed his mind now that they are going to put him into office. “No matter how much it costs Trump in fake payroll and world class trips, he’ll make 1000 times that amount having his companies work the trillions of dollars in government contracts. Why else would he say he is going to rebuild the country’s roads, bridges, and other infrastructure? He’s saying it because his companies want those contracts. Period.”

It’s unclear at this time how many electors have taken him up on his offer.