TRUMP ILLICIT SEX PICS! Putin Blackmails Trump, FBI Says

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Reported by Rochelle Rochelle in Minsk

(FNN) – Explosive new information has been released by U.S. intelligence communities today. Putin is holding damning information over the head of the President-elect Donald Trump. Information that can put Trump behind bars. This leads many to believe Trump will do anything Putin orders no questions asked. Many major news outlets have broken the story.

A Trump operative whose seen the report says it’s all true. Some of the major damning evidence is around Trump’s sexual proclivities. Some of this is already public information.

But what most people don’t know is Trump has been arrested as a predator in Russia according to the Trump operative.

It’s been discussed that Trump has a sexual interest in his daughter but now a Trump operative claims Putin has much worse pics of Trump. Most people believe Trump’s pics will remain concealed by Putin due to their close relationship.

We’ve requested an official comment from the Trump administration but their only response at this time has been “nyet”.