DISASTER! Skynet Fails to Boot, Trump Has Taken Power

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Pentagon – Before the inauguration, taking the advice given to him by Biden, Obama attempted to boot up Skynet in order to protect the U.S. from Trump and his cabinet. We now know that the attempt failed and Trump has taken power.

Screenshots of the attempt show us what happened. The system seemed to boot up normally at first.

It completed syncing across the entire U.S. military network.

Then the Windows’ blue screen of death appeared.

Apparently Windows wasn’t stable enough to handle the advanced system. One of the designers told us, “the system was originally designed for UNIX. Microsoft paid us millions to run it on their system. I told everyone to remember what happened to Nokia when they put all their mobile phones on Windows but no one would listen. Now Trump is president. Go figure.”

A Trump staffer said, “It’s those damn Intelligence Chiefs. First the dossier, now this. First thing we do is fire those bastards and put Arnold [Schwarzenegger] in charge. He was great in Kindergarten Cop and he’ll be great here too.”

No word yet on Obama’s impending deportation.