Putin REVEALED! Shocking Pick Shows Trump & Putin Collusion, Putin NOT Human

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Moscow – A Secret Service agent stepped forward this evening with a shocking new picture taken with her secret service spy camera. She claims the picture was taken in Moscow when she accompanied Trump and she says the figure on the right is Putin.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes so I took a picture to make sure. Putin arrived human but took off his human skin like taking off a costume. I’m afraid we’re now being run by aliens. I’m not just afraid for my country, I’m afraid for my planet.”

In response to press inquiries, Kellyanne Conway said, “Sean Spicer, our press secretary,  gave alternative facts to that.”

Richard Spencer, Trump supporter, then gave an interview in support of Trump but it didn’t go well. A real human decided to take matters into his own hands and took out Spencer.

Once it was revealed that aliens ran the U.S. and planned to take away women’s rights, protests started around the country.

Trump now takes office as the most disliked president ever but he seems to be taking it in stride. Trump said, “A person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.” As it turns out, he himself is reported to wear a BRO designed by Cosmo Kramer to raise his looks score. Whether wearing a BRO will enhance his presidency is yet to be seen.