Clinton INDICTED! F.B.I Director Presses Charges

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(FNN) – Today the FBI Director formally announced he is indicting Secretary Clinton. The charges stem from her:

1. criminal activities in the Benghazi debacle,

2. collusion with Russia,

3. releasing Top Secret information on her private email server,

4. Whitewater,

5. murdering Vince Foster,

6. rigging the 2016 Democratic Primary,

7. flip flopping on issues to look more progressive,

8. conspiring with Wall Street,

9. making hateful and bigoted statements about President Obama during the 2008 Democratic Primary,

10. calling black teenagers super-predators,

11. working with David Brock on her presidential campaign, and

12. setting up President Clinton to make it look like he had sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky.

The F.B.I. Director announced he will have more details later today and will be doing a special interview with Hannity on Fox News at 10:00 PM / 9:00 PM CT this evening.