Trump Slams Boy Scouts! Rather Talk To Little Girls

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(FNN) – President Trump attacked the Boy Scouts of America today after hearing the organization apologized for his speech. Trump tweeted, “Boy Scouts are criticizing my speech? I’d rather have spoken to the Girl Scouts. Their cookies are better & I’ll be dating them in 10 years.”

A White House insider said, “Trump threw a fit. He kept asking ‘Where’s the loyalty? I thought they were loyal?’ He demanded we set up an IRS audit and take away their non-profit status. We kept trying to explain that colluding with the Russians and stripping away health insurance from millions is all we can handle now. We can’t possibly take on the Boy Scouts as well. That doesn’t matter to him. He’s writing an Executive Order right now that will destroy the Boy Scouts. What am I going to tell my sons?”