TRUMP PANICKING! Rumors Spreading – Scaramucci, Colbert, and Beertap Planning Something Big

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(FNN) – White House insiders, or as the president calls them, leakers, tell a story of a White House in turmoil. They say Trump is panicked and that this is the reason for all the talk about nuclear armageddon. Not because of Kim Jong-un. Most in the White House simply find the “little boy who wished to be a man” pathetic. Not because of Mueller, though The Donald is concerned about the investigation into his finances, Mueller’s Grand Jury, and the no knock warrant used against his former campaign manager Paul Manafort. What President Trump is most worried about is what Anthony Scaramucci, Stephen Colbert, and Joe Beertap are planning on Monday night.

“Anthony [Scaramucci] was fuckin’ pissed when he found out Trump is a back stabbing bitch. I mean, he sold his company and took Trump’s loyalty pledge and Trump cuts him after ten days? Hell, I’m looking for a job outside of the White House right now. Who knows when this joke of a president is gonna back stab me?”

Another source said, “Little Donnie Jr. got a hold of some secret tweets between the publication Joe Beertap and Scaramucci that’s got his Dad shaking in his boots. Trump knows Scaramucci knows where the bodies are buried. Scaramucci knows everything. And apparently the site has been spending $5M of Scaramucci’s money which seems to include a huge ad buy during Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show on Monday night while Scaramucci is a guest. God knows what bomb shells Scaramucci has planned. You can bet Mueller will be watching the show.”

Our source provided the tweets Donald Trump Jr. shared with his father.

We checked around with our other sources but no one knows what Mr. Scaramucci has planned. We reached out to Mr. Scaramucci, The Late Show, and Joe Beertap but there’s been no response. The Late Show is on CBS weeknights at 11:35 PM ET. Mr. Scaramucci is set to appear on Monday, August 14th.