“#ImpeachTrump Is Trending!” Audience Member Tells Trump

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(FNN) – During a speech Tuesday night an audience member told Trump that the #1 hashtag trending on Twitter was #ImpeachTrump. Trump immediately stopped and checked Twitter. Trump turned a lighter shade of orange before waddling off the stage. Our White House source filled us in on the rest.

“Trump threw a fit. He figured the Nazis and white supremacists would have his back and trend something great like #MAGA or #AmericaFirst. He figured it was the least they could do after he had their back in #Charlottesville. He immediately set up a conference call with David Duke and Richard Spencer for later this evening and then asked Steve Bannon what he was doing about this besides trying to suck his own cock. I’d be surprised if Bannon still has his job on Friday.”

Updates on what happens on the conference call will be posted as we learn more.