Obama Trump Surveillance CONFIRMED! Psychic Team Assigned To Trump

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(FNN) – Shocking revelation today out of Obama’s birth country of Kenya. An anonymous White House source in Kenya claims to have found a 13 year old who grew up with Obama in Kenya. The child claims Obama used psychics rather than wiretaps to track President Trump’s thoughts for Obama’s entire two terms as president. Trump’s team found this 13 year old playing in a field. We spoke with the White House leaker.

“Yeah, the kid was running around in the field, see…I asked if he knew Obama, see…I asked if he knew about the wiretaps, see…that’s when the kid told me.”

Told you what?

“The kid told me about the team of psychics, see…the Psychic Friends Network. Obama called their 800 number to keep tabs on Trump, see…they were the ones that told Obama Trump would be the one to succeed him.”

What did they learn about Trump during those eight years?

“What did they learn!? That he’s a raving lunatic! Look at the way he tweets! We’re all looking for new jobs before Kim Jong-un plants one on top of the White House.”

We requested to speak with the child but have been told he’s not available at this time.