GOPNRA Official Declares AR-15s Good For Climate Change

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(FNN) – The director of fundraising for the GOPNRA, Scott Bayo, made waves on social media today when he declared in an interview that “liberal bedwetters” should support AR-15s because it’s good for climate change and other liberal causes.

Bayo, in an interview with InfoWarped, said, “I don’t get why these liberal bedwetters aren’t for more sales of…of AR-15 assault rifles. I mean…as you know…AR-15s are good for climate change. Mass shootings reduce the population. Don’t they say…don’t they think that man causes climate change? If the population goes down, doesn’t that improve climate change?”

Later in the interview Bayo stated, “It’s [AR-15 rifle] good for other snowflake causes, right? With a lower population wages go up due to a smaller available workforce, the manufacture, distribution, and sale of AR-15s create jobs…they want to end poverty, right? It’s Pro-Choice…they like choice, right? Even if it means a life is taken…Democrats should be lining up to defend AR-15 sales.”

In response, a DNC official tweeted, “God that guy is dumb.”

We’ve reached out to the GOPNRA for further comment but haven’t yet received a response.