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Obama and the bigotry of the right

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Rush Limbaugh in the first hour of his show today said, “if there is any hate-mongering today it is spawned on the left.”  Once hearing this I instantly thought of all the hate that has been coming from the right as of late.  First and foremost is the McCain campaign itself. The campaign hires Bill Cunningham, a conservative radio talk show host with a habit of referring to Senator Obama as “Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama” and then acts surprised when that same person emphasized Barack’s middle name over and over again.

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Rush: “disappointed if [Hillary] drops out”

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A few minutes ago Rush Limbaugh made a passionate argument for Hillary to stay in the race.  He said, “an enemy divided is weak” and suggested that she should attack Barack, gather as many superdelegates as she can, work hard to get the FL and MI delegates seated despite a low turnout in FL and Barack not being on the ballot in MI, and have a huge fight on the convention floor.  My fear is that she would do such a thing despite losing 11 straight contests.  Are you listening Hillary?  Democrats want to go into the general election strong.  It’s people like Rush Limbaugh that’s pushing for you to fight.  Here’s my advice to you Hillary.  If you can’t at least tie Barack in the delegate count by March 5th then bow out gracefully so we can happily support you in 2016.