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Do we really know who John McCain is?

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We’ve heard that he’s been in the senate for a long time, that he was captured during the Vietnam War, and that he is a “maverick.” But during a time when banks are failing due to deregulation shouldn’t we know that Senator John McCain was involved in a bank scandal in the ’80s? He was good friends with Charles Keating who ran the Lincoln Savings and Loan. He helped Keating get away with millions of dollars as taxpayers had to bail out Lincoln Savings and Loan costing us, the taxpayers, billions of dollars. Now he wants to be President when banks again are collapsing? Here’s some details:


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Sarah Palin and John McCain are now claiming that Obama pals around with terrorists. Boy are they desparate. Usually a campaign leaves it to groups like the swift boaters to make claims that are completely untrue but since their poll numbers are dropping they are getting so desperate as to say anything that will help stop Obama’s rise in the polls. No, Obama isn’t a terrorist and doesn’t pal around with terrorists. The person they claim Obama knows is a person that lives in the same area as Obama. A person who served on the same charity board as Obama. A person that Obama doesn’t spend time with. Obama was 8 YEARS OLD when this person, William Ayers, committed his crimes and Obama has in the past spoken out against what William Ayers did in the ’60s. McCain’s campaign has become so pathetic that I can’t see why anyone would vote for him. In 2000 if McCain ran against Gore I would have voted for McCain. In 2008 McCain doesn’t look anything like the McCain of 2000. Straight talk? McCain learned from losing against Bush that he needs to lie, lie, lie to get what he wants – to become President of the United States. I don’t vote for liars. Here’s a CNN report of the McCain/Palin lie: