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REVEALED! Dark Secret Behind Pence, 1314, and WWIII

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VP Mike Pence and his wife Karen both used the number 1314 in their personal email addresses. No thought was given about that number until a White House source revealed the Pence’s involvement with the Knights Templar. 

“The only reason Mike is VP is because he leads the Knights Templar. The number 1314 is the year the supposed last Knight Templar, Jacques de Molay, was executed. As we now know, there were more.”

Painting of Jacques de Molay’s execution.

We asked our source what this means for the country.

“You can already see the Knights Templar’s (KP) plan to take over the country in motion. They have strong connections to the Russian government. It wasn’t Trump’s campaign that worked with the Russians. Trump isn’t smart enough for that. The KP made the arrangements. Mueller is a member. Now he’s investigating Trump and he’ll frame Trump with collusion with the Russians to turn over the presidency to Mike Pence and the KP.”

We asked our source why.

“Their goal is to restart the Crusades. They want to send massive armies into the Middle East to wipe out the Muslims. They already have Putin and Assad working on their behalf and they convinced Trump to send 4,000 troups but that isn’t enough. Once Trump is out the plan is to send in the armed might of the NATO alliance. They blew up a concert in Manchester and blamed it on Muslims to motivate Europe. They just need Mike Pence as Commander-in-Chief. Then WWIII begins.”

We asked what is the end goal?

“Barron Trump is the anti-Christ. It’s predicted that the anti-Christ will be struck down by a Muslim. The plan is to wipe out the Muslims and install Barron as the leader of the world. Only then can his father, Satan, rule the Earth.”

Only time will tell if the Pence’s will be successful. 

Is Karen Handel Stealing Trump From Melania? First Lady Moving Into White House

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Handel and Trump at Atlanta fundraiser.

ATLANTA – An anonymous White House source claims that Melania’s recent decision to move in with Trump is to keep Karen Handel away from her man.

“Melania is hugely jealous of my relationship with Karen Handel. Karen is hot for me big league. You’re not going to mention my name, right?”

When asked when Trump’s next visit to Atlanta is going to be, “Melania won’t let me go down to Atlanta anymore. That’s why I sent Pence down there. He sent me a text saying he was having dinner alone with Karen. I was shocked, big league, because I didn’t think he went in for that sort of thing. Ossoff is more Pence’s type, if you know what I mean.”

We asked our source if taping was going on in the White House but all our source would say is, “I’ll tell you about that maybe sometime in the very near future. I’m not hinting anything. I’ll tell you about it over a very short period of time. Oh, you’re going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer, don’t you worry.”

Obama, where’s your American flag lapel pin!

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The Republican smear machine is still working hard to try and attack Obama so they don’t have to face him in November.  Currently Jack Kingston, right wing hack from Georgia, is going from show to show discussing Senator Obama’s decision to move away from displays of fake patriotism such as wearing a flag pin on his lapel.  Keith Olbermann discussed this decision on his show but unfortunately YouTube deleted the video.

Jack Kingston appeared on Bill Maher’s show and also on MSNBC – without HIS flag lapel pin.

Bill Gillespie, Jack Kingston’s competition in November, finds Jack on the campaign trail and guess what – still no lapel pin!  Why does Jack hate America so much?  Where’s your lapel pin Jack?

If Jack represents you, vote for Bill Gillespie in November.  Now lets see what patriotic Republicans wear flag lapel pins.  The list starts about one minute into this video:

So you can see how important flag lapel pins are in choosing your candidate.  One other weird piece of news on another Republican.  Two men, brother’s-in-law, got in a fight over the presidential election.  One was a Democrat and one was a Republican.  Of course the Democrat supported Obama.  The Republican was so mad he stabbed his brother-in-law with a knife.  Who did the Republican support?  Hillary Clinton.  Republicans just don’t seem passionate about candidates in their own party anymore…

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