Thank You, A Letter To My Followers, My Friends

​Dear friends,

In 2008 I started the blog to support Obama’s bid for the White House. While it wasn’t DailyKos I did at times get over 7,000 views in a day. I even received a nod from Andrew Sullivan on a petition drive I started. After the election I retired from blogging and the Twitter account @JoeBeertap was only used to send out news articles based on a Google RSS feed created with specific search terms. I never bothered to even see if I agreed with the articles. Everything changed after the Trump election.

I decided to fire up the old blog and Twitter account and fight Trump. I started back up on November 23, 2016 and the response has been overwhelming. Thank you for supporting me and, more importantly, thank you for being my friend. These are trying times. We’ll all need the support of each other over the next four years. You are all in my thoughts. Thank you for being there for me.

Most sincerely,